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Undset Sigrid

Undset Sigrid(1882Ч1949)

Norwegian novelist. Her father was an archaeologist, and her home life was steeped in legend, folklore, and Norwegian history. Her early novels deal with the position of women in the contemporary lower middle class. She then turned to the distant past and created her masterpiece, the trilogy Kristin Lavransdatter (1920Ц22), which is set in medieval Norway and depicts the spiritual growth of a strong woman. Undset converted to Roman Catholicism in 1924. Her later works, including the historical novel The Master of Hestviken (1925Ц27) and novels on contemporary themes, reflect her interest in religion. She received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928.

Norway, 1982, Singrid Undcet

Paraguay, 1977, Medal of Nobel prize of Literature

St. Vincent, 1995, Sigrid Undset

Sweden, 1998, Singrid Undcet

Turkey, 1935, Singrid Undcet

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