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Keller Helen Adams

Keller Helen Adams (18801968)

American author and lecturer, blind and deaf from an undiagnosed illness at the age of two, b. Tuscumbia, Ala. In 1887 she was put under the charge of Anne Sullivan, who was her teacher and companion until Sullivans death in 1936. As a pupil Helen Keller made rapid progress and was graduated from Radcliffe in 1904 with honors. She lectured all over America and in Europe and Asia, raising funds for the training of the blind and promoting other social causes. Her books include The Story of My Life (1903), The World I Live In (1908), Helen Kellers Journal, 19361937 (1938), Let Us Have Faith (1940), and The Open Door (1957).

Brazil, 1980, Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan

Dominica, 1992, Helen Keller

Guinea, 2007, Helen Keller

Guinea, 2007, Helen Keller

Guyana, 1981, Helen Keller and Rajkumari Singh

India, 1980, Helen Keller

Japan, 2000, Helen Keller

Mauritius, 1980, Blind Person Basket-making

Mauritius, 1980, Deaf child under instruction

Mauritius, 1980, Helen reading braille

Mauritius, 1980, Helen at graduation, 1904

Spain, 1980, Helen Keller

USA, 1980, Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan

Venezuela, 1981, Helen Keller's Initials


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