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Hviezdoslav Pavol

Hviezdoslav Pavol (1849—1921)

Hviezdoslav, whose real name was Pavol Orszagh, was born in Dolny Kubin and became one of the most important Slovak poets. Hviezdoslav studied in Miskovec (Hungry), in Kezmarok and law in Presov. As a student he started to first write his works in Hungarian, later in German, but after advice from his teacher Adolf Medzihradsky, he changed to... More...

Czechoslovakia, 1949, P. O. Hviezdoslav

Czechoslovakia, 1961, Pavel Hviezdoslav

Czechoslovakia, 1969, Pavel Hviezdoslav

Slovakia, 1999, Pavel Hviezdoslav

Slovakia, 1999.01.28, Dolny Kubin. Pavel Hviezdoslav

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