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Fredro Alexander

Fredro Alexander(17931876)

Polish comic dramatist. From 1809 to 1814, Fredro served in the Polish regiments of Napoleon Is army, taking part in the invasion of Russia. He returned to the family estates in Poland, devoting himself to the life of a country gentleman and writing plays that were at first influenced by the Molière and Goldoni works he had seen in Paris.... More...

Poland, 1972, New Don Quixote

Poland, 1978, Aleksander Fredro

Poland, 1997, Husband and wife

Poland, 2002, Scenes from film The Revenge

Poland, 2002.09.12, Warsaw. Zemsta

Poland, 1938, Aleksander Fredro

Poland, 1948, Aleksander Fredro

Poland, 1965, Scene from Revenge

Poland, 1969, Aleksander Fredro

Poland, 1984, Aleksander Fredro monument

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