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Ady Endre

Ady Endre (18771919)

Hungarian poet. He abandoned his studies in law for a career in journalism and literature. His first volume of poetry, Versek, appeared in 1899. After 1903 he spent most of his time in Paris, where he fell in love with a woman who became the subject of many poems. A lyric poet noted for an original and creative use of language, Ady was influenced by the French symbolists. He became a leader of the politically and artistically radical Hungarian writers who attacked the complacent materialism of Hungarys upper classes. Adys poetry was published in 12 volumes and his prose works in 7.

Hungary, 1947, Endre Ady

Hungary, 1969, Endre Ady

Hungary, 1976, Banknotes of 1925 and 1975

Hungary, 1977, Endre Ady

Rumania, 1957, Endre Ady

Hungary, 1969.01.27, Budapest. Endre Ady

Hungary, 1977.11.22, Budapest. Endre Ady

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