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Bunin (Бунин) Ivan Alekseyevich

Bunin (Бунин) Ivan Alekseyevich(1870–1953)

Russian writer. Born of a poor aristocratic family, he was encouraged in his literary precocity. His first volume of verse was published in 1891. He traveled extensively, writing while working as a librarian and statistician. Bunin won the Pushkin Prize in 1903 for his own verse and for his translations of works by Byron and Longfellow. The... More...

Paraguay, 1977, Medal of Nobel prize of Literature

St. Vincent, 1995, Iwan Bunin

USSR, 1990, Ivan Bunin

Russia, 2009, House, where Bunin was born

Russia, 1995, 125th Birth Anniv of Ivan Bunin

Russia, 2010, Ivan Bunin


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