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Kórinna (Κορίννα)
(V century B.C.)

Kórinna (Κορίννα) (V century B.C.)

While we don't know when Korinna was born or even which century, it seems likely she was a contemporary of Pindar's, i.e., fifth century B.C. This famous Greek poet was born in Tanagra, a Boeotian town near Pindar's Thebes. Pausanias says Korinna won a poetry competition against Pindar in honor of which, she had a monument erected to her. Aelian (c. 170 - c. 235) said she defeated Pindar five times, and in response to these defeats, Pindar called her a sow. But Korinna is not mentioned in any Greek sources until the first century B.C., when Antipater of Thessaloniki lists her in his catalogue of NINE MORTAL MUSES.

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