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Gottfried von Strassburg
13th cent.

Gottfried von Strassburg13th cent.

German poet, also called Godfrey of Strasbourg. He is thought to have been official scribe of Strasbourg, but little is known of him. As author of the Middle High German Tristan (c.1210), he ranks as one of the great medieval German poets and is noted for his fluency and psychological depth. His style, although smooth and artful, is sometimes mannered. Gottfrieds Tristan breaks off at the meeting of Tristan with Isolt of the White Hands. The poem was concluded by Ulrich von Türheim and Heinrich von Freiberg.

Belgium, 1997, Ernest van Dyck in "Tristan et Isolde"

Germany, 1933, Tristan and Isolda

Nicaragua, 1975, Kirsten Flagstad in Tristan and Isolde

Norway, 1995, Kirsten Flagstad as Isolde

Portugal, 1993, Wagner, Tristan and Isolda

YAR, 1971, Tristan and Isolde

YAR, 1971, Tristan and Isolde


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