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Philips van Marnix, lord of Sint-Aldegonde

Philips van Marnix, lord of Sint-Aldegonde (1540—1598)

Flemish patriot, lord of Sainte-Aldegonde. He became a Calvinist in his youth and was the chief author of the Compromise of Breda (1566). A leader in the Dutch and Flemish struggle for independence from Spain, he actively supported William the Silent. He wrote (c.1570) the hymn Wilhelmus van Nassauwe, which was used as the rallying song of the... More...

Belgium, 1964, Philippe Marnix van Aldegonde

Belgium, 1998, Marnix van Sint-Aldegonde

Netherlands, 1938, Philippe Marnix van Aldegonde

Netherlands, 2006, Portrait of Marnix

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