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Miladinovi (Миладинови) brothers
and Konstantin

Miladinovi (Миладинови) brothersDimiter (1810—1862) and Konstantin (1830—1862)Miladinovi (Миладинови) brothersDimiter (1810—1862) and Konstantin (1830—1862)

Dimiter and Konstantin Miladinovi were born in the town of Strouga situated by the beautiful Ochrida lake. Though coming from a modest family of a craftsman the two brothers received solid education. Dimiter first studied in the Greek school in Ochrida and then in the Greek secondary school in Yanina. Trained as a Hellehist teacher he lectured in... More...

Bulgaria, 1929, Konstantin Miladinov

Bulgaria, 1961, Dimiter and Konstantin Miladinovi

Bulgaria, 1986, Dimiter and Konstantin Miladinovi

Bulgaria, 2010, Dimitar Miladinov

Macedonia, 2005, Konstantin Miladinov

Macedonia, 2010, Dimitr Miladinov

Yugoslavia, 1961, Dimiter and Konstantin Miladinovi

Macedonia, 1996.08.22, Struga. Miladinov's brothers

Macedonia, 2001.06.22, Struga. Miladinov's brothers

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