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Küchelbecker ( юхельбекер) Wilhelm Karlovich

Küchelbecker ( юхельбекер) Wilhelm Karlovich (1797Ч1846)

Wilhelm Küchelbecker was a Russian Romantic poet and Decembrist. Born into a noble family of Baltic Germans, he was brought up in Estonia and attended the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum together with Alexander Pushkin, with whom he became friends. In 1821 he went to Paris to deliver courses in Russian literature, but his activity was deemed too... More...

Russia, 1998, The Liseum

Russia, 1997.06.21, Ulan-Ude. Wilhelm Küchelbecker

USSR, Pushkin. Museum-Liseum

Russia, 1999, Museum-Liseum

USSR, 1982, Museum-Liseum

Russia, 1994, Birth Centenary of Yury Tynyanov

Russia, 1997, Birth bicentenary of Küchelbecker

USSR, 1982.11.02, Pushkin Monument in Puskin

USSR, 1984.10.08, Museum-Liseum

USSR, 1986.02.18, Pushkin Monument in Puskin

USSR, 1986.10.21, Pushkin Monument in Puskin

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