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Rileyev (Рылеев) Kondraty Fyodorovich

Rileyev (Рылеев) Kondraty Fyodorovich (1795—1826)

Kondraty Rileyev was a Russian poet and revolutionary, and one of the leaders in the Decembrist revolt. Born September 29 in the village Batovo now it is a part of Gatchina district of Leningrad Oblast to a family of a nobleman owning small estate. From 1801 to 1814 studied in Saint Petersburg 1st military school. Participated in Russian foreign... More...

USSR, 1925, Decembrists

USSR, 1950, Decembrists

USSR, 1975, Decembrists on Senate Square

Russia, 1995, Birth Bicentenary of Rileyev

Russia, 2005, Decemberists

USSR, 1975, 150th Anniv of Decembrists Rebellion

USSR, 1988, Vasilkov, decembrists monument

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