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Tukay Gabdullah

Tukay Gabdullah(1886—1913)

Gabdullah Tukay was born in the village of Kushlavich, Kazan. When he was five months old, his father Muhammed Garif died,and after several years, his mother, Memdude, was married to the mullah of the village of Sasna. This happy life did not last for long, he lost his mother after a year. Gabdullah was sent to his grandfather, Zinnetullah, who... More...

Russia, 2011.04.26, Moscow. Gabdullah Tukay

USSR, 1966.04.28, Kazan. 80th Birth anniv of Gabdullah Tukay

USSR, 1986.04.26, Kazan. Birth bicentenary of Tukay

Russia, 2006, Gabdullah Tukay

USSR, 1959, Tukay monument in Kazan

USSR, 1962, Gabdullah Tukay

USSR, 1966, Gabdullah Tukay

USSR, 1975, Gabdullah Tukay

USSR, 1978, Tukay monument in Kazan

USSR, 1986, Gabdullah Tukay

Russia, 2011, Gabdullah Tukay

USSR, 1972.10.31, Tukay monument in Kazan

USSR, 1984.03.29, Tukay monument in Kazan

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