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Vampilov (Вампилов) Alexander Valentinovich

Vampilov (Вампилов) Alexander Valentinovich (1937—1972)

Alexander Vampilov was a Russian playwright. His play Elder Son was first performed in 1969, and became a national success two years later. Many of his plays have been filmed or televised in Russian. His four full-length plays have been translated into English and «Duck Hunting» has been performed in London. Vampilov was the fourth child of... More...

Russia, 1997.08.19, Irkutsk. 60th Birth Anniv of Vampilov

Russia, 2007.08.19, Irkutsk. 70th Birth Anniv of Vampilov

Russia, 2004, 75th Anniv of Vampilov's Theatre, Irkutsk

Russia, 2007, Vampilov monument in Irkutsk

Russia, 2011, Aleksandr Vampilov

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