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Davidov (Давыдов) Denis Vasilyevich

Davidov (Давыдов) Denis Vasilyevich (1784—1839)

Denis Davidov was a Russian soldier-poet of the Napoleonic Wars who invented a specific genre — hussar poetry noted for its hedonism and bravado — and spectacularly designed his own life to illustrate such poetry. Davydov stemmed from a great family of Russian nobility. After gaining celebrity as an indefatigable guerrilla leader of the Russian... More...

Guinea Bissau, 2003, War gallery of Winter palace

USSR, 1962, Denis Davidov and partisans

USSR, 1982, Denis (?) Davidov

USSR, 1983, Denis Davidov

Russia, 2009, Denis Davidov

USSR, 1987.04.13, Pushkin's museum in Moskow


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