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Saroyan Willam

Saroyan Willam  (1908—1981)

American author, b. Fresno, Calif. Of Armenian background and extremely prolific, he created works that combine optimism, sentimentality, and a rhapsodic love of country. These include plays such as The Time of Your Life (1939; Pulitzer Prize), My Heart’s in the Highlands (1939), and The Cave Dwellers (1957); novels, including The Human Comedy... More...

Armenia, 2000, William Saroyan

Armenia, 2008, William Saroyan

Slovakia, 2011, The illustrations of the book Tracy's Tiger

USA, 1991, William Saroyan

USSR, 1991, William Saroyan

Slovakia, 2011.09.02, Bratislava. Tracy's Tiger

USSR, 1991.05.22, Yerevan. William Saroyan

USSR, 1991.05.22, Yerevan. William Saroyan

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