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Stark Freya Madeleine

Stark Freya Madeleine (1893—1993)

Dame Freya Madeleine Stark, DBE was a British travel writer.

In between that time, she was famous for her experiences in the Middle East, her writing, and her cartography. Freya Stark was not only one of the first Western women to travel through the Arabian deserts (Hadhramaut); she often traveled solo into areas where few Europeans, let alone women, had ever been.

During World War II, she joined the Ministry of Information and contributed to the creation of a propaganda network aimed at persuading Arabs to support the Allies or at least remain neutral. She was fluent in several languages including Arabic and wrote over two dozen books based on her travels.

Great Britain, 2003, Dame Freya Stark

Great Britain, 2003.04.29, Russell Square, London. Dame Freya Stark


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