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Romani Felice

Romani Felice (17881865)

Felice Romani was an Italian poet and scholar of literature and mythology who wrote many librettos for the opera composers Donizetti and Bellini. Romani was considered the finest Italian librettist between Metastasio and Boito. Born in Monticello, Romani went to study at the Hebrew Day School where he "studied law to please his family and... More...

Greece, 1980, Maria Callas as Norma

Nicaragua, 1975, Rosa Ponelle as Norma

San-Marino, 1992, Rossini, Bianka and Falliero

San-Marino, 1999, Bellini, Norma

St. Vincent, 1997, Pavarotti in Elisir d'Amore

USA, 1997, Rosa Poncelle in Norma

Bulgaria, 2005, Elena Nikolay as Norma


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