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Cendrars Blaise

Cendrars Blaise (18871961)

Swiss-born French writer whose real name was Frédéric Sauser. He was at various times an art critic, a journalist, and a film director, and he traveled widely, notably in China and Africa. Before World War I, he was associated with Apollinaire, Picasso, and Braque, his poetry conveying a flood of images and emotions that reflected cubist principles. During the war he lost an arm fighting with the Foreign Legion. Later, he wrote fast-paced adventure novels with an exuberant, jazzlike cadence. Cendrars writing anticipated both surrealism and the nouveau roman, and he had a strong influence on Apollinaire. His works include a collection of poems, Du Monde entier (1919) and the novels LOr (1925, tr. Sutters Gold, 1926) and Moravagine (1926, tr. 1928).

France, 1987, Blaise Cendras

Switzerland, 1990, Blaise Cendrars

France, 1987.11.06, Courbevoie. Blaise Cendras

France, 1987.11.08, Courbevoie. Blaise Cendras


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