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Erben Karel Jaromír

Erben Karel Jaromír (1811—1870)

Karel Jaromír Erben was a Czech historian, poet and writer of the mid-19th century, best known for his collection Kytice (Czech for The Bouquet), which contains poems based on traditional and folkloric themes. He also wrote Písně národní v Čechách which contains 500 songs and Prostonárodní české písně a říkadla, a five-part book that brings together most of the Czech folklore.He was born on November 7, 1811 in Miletín u Jičína. He went to college in Hradec Králové. Then, in 1831, he went to Prague where he studied philosophy and later law. He started working in the National Museum (Národní muzeum) with František Palacký in 1843. He became editor of a Prague's newspaper in 1848. Two years later, in 1850, he became archives' secretary of the National Museum. He died on November 21, 1870 of tuberculosis.

Czechoslovakia, 1953, Karel Erben

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