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Fallada Hans (pseud. of Rudolf Ditzen)

Fallada Hans  (pseud. of Rudolf Ditzen)(18931947)

German novelist. Little Man, What Now? (1932, tr. 1933), his story of a young couple in Germany after World War I, was an immediate international success. It was followed by The World Outside (1934, tr. 1934), Once We Had a Child (1934, tr. 1935), and Jeder stirbt für sich allein [each man dies his own death] (1947). Falladas work belongs to new objectivity of the 20th-century that expressed its intellectual detachment from mans fate in words and a style intended to suppress emotional connotations.

German Federal Republic, 1993, Hans Fallada

German Federal Republic, 1993.07.15, Bonn. Hans Fallada


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