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Shashkevich (Шашкевич) Markian Semenovich

Shashkevich (Шашкевич) Markian Semenovich (1811—1843)

Markiyan Shashkevych was a famous Ukrainian poet, writer, and interpreter.

Markiyan Shashkevych, Ivan Vahylevych and Yakiv Holovatsky were founders of a literary group known as the 'Ruthenian Triad' (Ruska Triytsia). In 1832, they organized a group of students aimed at the rise of the Ukrainian dialect free of Church Slavonic and alien 'styles' up to the literary language.

The activities of the Shashkevych circle constituted not only a literary phenomenon, but a social and democratic movement. Its greatest achievement was the publication of an almanac entitled Rusalka Dnistrova ('The Mermaid of the Dniester'), which was the first collection of Ukrainian literature to appear in western Ukraine (1837).

He was educated in the Greek Catholic Seminary at the University of Lviv, from which he graduated in 1838. After a short life, he was first buried at a Novosilki cemetery (The Bieszczady Mountains) in 1843, and then in 1891 his mortal remains were transferred to the Lychakivskiy Cemetery in Lviv.

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