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Monument to Mickiewicz in Warsaw

Series: Warsaw Monuments

Monument to Mickiewicz in Warsaw

Poland, 1955, 60 gr. 12 (1/2) х 12 (3/4). blue

Michel: 913
Scott: 674
Stanley Gibbons: 914
Yvert et Tellier: 808

Designed by C.Godebski. Unveiled in 1898, 100 years after his birth, in the epoch of intense Russification of Poland after the January Uprising. Its inauguration was a success of the Construction Committee headed by Michal Radziwill and Henryk Sienkiewicz (future Nobel Prize in literature). In 1942, the Nazis destroyed it and transferred to Hamburg. Only the head and a fragment of the torso were recovered for the post-war reconstruction works carried out under J.Szczepkowski and J.Trenarowski. Unveiled in 1950.

Plots: Mickiewicz Adam

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