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Allama Iqbal and Mihai Eminescu

Series: Dialogue between Civilizatioins

Allama Iqbal and Mihai Eminescu

Pakistan, 2005, 5 R. 13 (1/4) x 13. multicoloured

Michel: 1239
Scott: 1056
Stanley Gibbons: 1279
Yvert et Tellier: 1186

People in Pakistan weren't familiar with Eminescu's work just as people in Romania might not have heard the literary work of lqbal. But by making a comparative study of both these great poets, Prof. Dr. Emil Ghitulescu, Ambassador of Romania to Pakistan, has initiated a dialogue if not between two civilisation then at least between the nations of Pakistan and Romania, materialised in two books written and published in Pakistan.

It is particularly interesting the surprising resemblance discovered by the Romanian diplomat between Eminescu and lqbal - two poets from different generations and cultural areas so far away from each other. That is perhaps why their common message is so relevant today, when mankind faces with so many differences, paradoxes and contradictions.

Plots: Eminescu Mihail

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