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Taras Shevtchenko

Series: 110th Death Anniv of Shevtchenko

Taras Shevtchenko

Paraguay, 1971, 20 G. 13 (1/2). multicoloured

Michel: 2251, block 173
Scott: SS C335
Yvert et Tellier: 627 aeriens

The story behind Paraguay's Shevchenko issue is a bit bizarre. The Ukrainian diaspora in Argentina raised the funds necessary to erect a Shevchenko monument in Buenos Aires in 1971. It was felt that a stamp commemorating the special event would be appropriate and one was designed. However, try as they might, Ukrainian representatives couldn't get the Argentine postal authorities to agree to a stamp release. Incredibly, postal officials in neighboring Paraguay were persuaded to produce a lovely airmail souvenir sheet (a stamp surrounded by a large commemorative margin) showing not only a Shevchenko portrait, but part of the new monument in Argentina. By coincidence, Ukraine's most recent Shevchenko stamp depicts the same monument.

Plots: Shevchenko Taras

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