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Scenes from the film Quo Vadis

Series: Film Quo Vadis

Scenes from the film Quo Vadis

Poland, 2001, 6 x 1 Zl. 11 (1/2). multicoloured

Michel: 3913/3918, block 146
Scott: SS 3603
Stanley Gibbons: 3931/3936
Yvert et Tellier: 3681/3686

Thus the individual stamps depict the following persons and events:

- Ligia, Vinicius, Petrinius against the Roman architecture at the background,

- singing Neron in one of the scenes of a feast,

- Peter the Apostle in the Roman catacombs during secret prayers of the Christians and a scene of the baptism of Chilon Chilonides,

- Chilon Chilonides against the great fire of Rome,

- Ligia tied to the back of the aurochs and Ursus, after a victorious fight with the auroch, holding Ligia in his arms, with Christians in the amphitheatre in the background,

- Peter the Apostle, Vinicius and Ligia blessed by Peter.

Plots: Sienkiewicz Henryk

Poland, 2001.09.01, Warsaw. Quo Vadis

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