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Scene from the opera Nargiz

Series: Azerbaijan Operas

Scene from the opera Nargiz

USSR, 1966, 4 kop. 11 (1/2). brown and black

CFA "Souzpechat": 3412
Michel: 3277
Scott: 3253
Stanley Gibbons: 3345
Yvert et Tellier: 3155

Nargiz (1935), composed by Muslim Magomayev (1885-1937) and librettist Mammad Sayid Ordubadi, was the first Azerbaijani opera in European format. It was also the first Azerbaijani opera based on a contemporary plot. The plot depicts the struggle between peasants and landlords in the 1920s. It also emphasizes woman's freedom in both social and personal spheres at a time when women were confined to traditional roles, wearing veils and staying at homes. Nargiz represents the transition that was taking place in women's status in Azerbaijan during the 1920s.

Plots: Ordubadi Mammed Said

Scene from the opera Nargiz
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