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Return to the Forbidden Planet

Series: London Stage Musicals

Return to the Forbidden Planet

Great Britain, 2011, 97 p. 14 (1/4). multicoloured

Michel: 3051
Scott: 2873
Stanley Gibbons: 3151

A jukebox musical by director Bob Carlton based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest and the 1950s sci-fi film Forbidden Planet (which itself drew its plot loosely from The Tempest). Return to the Forbidden Planet started life with the Bubble Theatre Company as a production for open-air performance in a tent. A revised version of the musical opened, indoors, at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool in the mid-1980s. It later moved to the Tricycle Theatre in London. After some rework a final version opened the Cambridge Theatre in London’s West End in September 1989.

Plots: Shakespeare William

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