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Stanp with Dante

Series: Stamp Day

Stanp with Dante

Italy, 2011, 0.60 . 11. multicoloured

Michel: 3495
Scott: 3103
Stanley Gibbons: 3379
Yvert et Tellier: 3256

In the centre, the 1965 stamp depicting a detail of the bronze bust of Dante on display in the National Archaeological Museum in Naples. In the background is a sort of collage featuring: on the left, a stamp of the 2007 special cancellation with the profile of the Florentine poet, created for the Philatelic and Postcard Exhibition of Florence at the top on the right, a stamp of the 2009 special cancellation created for the International Philately Festival, featuring a graphic representation of Dante s Inferno, and at the bottom on the right, an envelope franked with stamps belonging to the Proclamazione dellImpero series, depicting the poet and issued in 1938. The words Giornata della filatelia Philately Day, Progetto Dante Dante Project,

Plots: Dante Alighieri

Italy, 2011.11.18, Rome. Stanp with Dante

2003-2020 Dmitry Karasyuk. Idea, preparation, drawing up
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