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Pedersen Vilhelm

Pedersen Vilhelm(18201859)

The naval officer Lieutenant Vilhelm Pedersen, who illustrated the 1849 edition (45 tales, 125 illustrations) and continued to illustrate Andersens work for the next ten years.

Denmark, 1975, Numskull Jack

Dominica, 2005, Andersen's tales

Dominica, 2005, The Ugly Duckling

Guyana, 2005, Andersen's tales

Guyana, 2005, The Emperors New Clothes

Montserrat, 2005, Andersen's tales

Montserrat, 2005, The Little Mermaid

Sierra Leone, 2005, Andersen's tales

Sierra Leone, 2005, The Princess and the Pea

St. Vincent, 2005, Andersen's tales

St. Vincent, 2005, The Snow Queen

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