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Mikeshin () Mikhail Osipovich

Mikeshin () Mikhail Osipovich  (18351896)

Mikhail Mikeshin was a Russian artist who regularly worked for the Romanov family and designed a number of outdoor statues in the major cities of the Russian Empire. Mikeshin was born on 21 February 1835 in a village near Roslavl. When he attended the Imperial Academy of Arts in 1852-58, his Romantic treatment of patriotic themes won him the... More...

Russia, 2004, Catherine II

Sao Tome e Principe, 2003, Catherine II Monument

Russia, 2009, Monument to Catherine II in Krasnodar

Russia, 2010, Monument Millenium of Russia

Russia, 2009.03.18, Monument to Catherine II in Krasnodar

USSR, 1971.09.23, Detail of monument Millenium of Russia


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