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Levitzky Dmitry Grigoryevich

Levitzky Dmitry Grigoryevich (1735—1822)

Dmitry Grigoryevich Levitzky was born in Kiev, in 1735, into the family of a clergyman and an engraver Grigory Levitzky. It was his father who first taught him to paint. Later, when Aleksey Antropov came to Kiev to paint the Kiev Cathedral of St. Andrew, Levitzky became his pupil. In 1758, he came to St. Petersburg to work with his teacher Antropov.
In 1770, Levitzky became famous as a portrait painter after the exhibition of 6 of his portraits in the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Though Levitzky had many commissions, they were, in most cases, not well paid, and the painter died in poverty.

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