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Klodt Peter Karlovitch

Klodt Peter Karlovitch (1805—1867)

Russian sculptor, caster. He is one of founders of animalistic genre in Russian sculpture, master of monumental and easel plastic.
Klodt von Yurgensburg Petre Karlovitch was born in Petersburg, son of general. He studied in Petersburg Academy of Art. Klodt is author of famous sculpture groups "Horses tamer", installed on Anichkin bridge in Petersburg. The sculpture groups reflect the moments of unbroken horse tame Here it's seen the combination of precision in nature transferring with certain generalization of plastic form, realistic specificity with elements of decorativity. The elastic volumes are transferred clearly, silhouettes are percept sharply. Klodt also toke much attention to the small plastic - small sculpture groups and statuettes, picturing horses. Statuettes castled in bronze obtain broad spread. The interesting works are: "Mare with foal", "Village jade", "Cossack horse with artilleryman", "Roman on horse". The sculptor taught in the Academy of Art in Petersburg, managed with casting studio. The result of great work of Klodt on study of horse body structure became work "Anatomy of horse".

USSR, 1978, Krilov monument in Leningrad

USSR, 1972.10.18, Krilov monument in Leningrad

USSR, 1974.10.28, Krilov monument in Leningrad


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