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Mikhalkov (Михалков) Sergey Vladimirovich
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Mikhalkov (Михалков) Sergey Vladimirovich (1913—2009)Poems for poems

Sergey Mikhalkov is a Russian author of children's books and satirical fables who had the opportunity to write the lyrics of his country's national anthem on three different occasions, spanning almost 60 years. Mikhalkov stemmed from a noble family and had tsarist admirals, governors, and princes among his grandparents. Since the 1930s, he has... More...

Russia, 2001, Russian Federation National anthem

Russia, 2017, Fable «The Hare And The Tortoise»

USSR, 1952, USSR Arms, Flags and Hymne

USSR, 1953, People and Hymne of USSR

USSR, 1944, Hymne of USSR

USSR, 1965.02.24, Uncle Styopa (character of Mikhalkov)

USSR, 1967.10.31, Words from Mikhalkov poem


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