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Lagin () Lazar Yosifovych
Old man Hottabych

Lagin () Lazar Yosifovych (19031979)Old man Hottabych

Lazar Lagin (born Lazar Ginzburg) was a Soviet satirical and children's writer. He is best known for his book Old man Hottabych (1937), a fairy tale (heavily coloured with communist and pro-Soviet ideology) telling the story of a genie who is freed from captivity by a Soviet schoolboy. The genie, as is to be expected, has some trouble in adapting to modern life and the communist lifestyle. The book was very popular among children in its day; it was made into a film in 1956.

Belarus, 2003.04.12, Vitebsk. Lazar Lagin

Belarus, 2003, Birth Centenary of Lazar Lagin


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