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Aksakov () Sergey
The Scarlet Flower

Aksakov () Sergey (17911859)The Scarlet Flower

Sergei Aksakov was a 19th century Russian literary figure remembered for his semi-autobiographical tales of a landlord's family life, hunting, fishing, and butterfly collecting. According to the Velvet Book, the Aksakovs trace their male line to a nephew of Haakon the Old, who settled in Novgorod in 1027. Sergey was born in Ufa, brought up in his... More...

Russia, 2004, Abramtsevo house of Aksakov

Sharjah, 1972, Sergey Aksakov

USSR, 1959, Sergey Aksakov

USSR, 1977, The Scarlet Flower

Russia, Aksakovo, Bashkiria

Russia, Ufa. Aksakov's Museum

USSR, Aksakovo, Bashkiria

USSR, 1991.10.01, Ufa. Birth Bicentenary of Aksakov

Russia, 1997, Ufa. Aksakov's Museum

Russia, 2004, Ufa. Museum of Aksakov

USSR, 1991, Ufa. Aksakov's Monument

USSR, 1972.09.06, Aksakov's museum in Abramtsevo

USSR, 1991, Birth bicentenary of Sergey Aksakov


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