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Paris in the Twentieth century
Paris au XXieme Siecle

In Paris of the 1960's, Michel Dufrenoy wins an award for a verse he's written in Latin. The audience is amused and his family is put out. In this society everyone is obsessed with technology and life is only to be lived efficiently.

NOTE: This story was rejected for publication by Jules Hetzel in 1863 when it was written. In 1989 Jean Verne (grand-grandson of Jules Verne) was cleaning out the family house when he discovered the manuscript in a trunk. The manuscript was turned into a novel that was published in 1994; it was immediately a bestseller in France. In truth the whereabouts of the manuscript were known for many years, the story of the discovery was created as a marketing ploy.

Liberia, 2005, Fantastic Voyages


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