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Jaik Juhan
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Jaik Juhan(1899–1948) Stories for children

Juhan Jaik, a writer of stories for children and young people, was born on 13 January 1899 and died 10 December 1948 in exile in Stockholm. The best of his stories rely on folk tradition and local history. In them, in a mild humorous vein peculiar to him, Jaik colourfully describes the lives of people, both rich and poor, in southern Estonia in the first half of the 20th century. Books by Juhan Jaik have been illustrated by Eduard Wiiralt, Hando Mugasto, Eduard Järv, and other artists.

Estonia, 1998, The Bottle Genie

Estonia, 1998.09.03, Tallinn. The Bottle Genie

Estonia, 1999.01.13, Voru. Juhan Jaik


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