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Five Weeks in a Balloon
Cinq semaines en ballon

Dr. Samuel Ferguson and his two associates (Dick Kennedy and Joe) venture to Zanzibar in Africa. It is Ferguson's intention to explore the part of Africa that the Barth and Burton and Speke expeditions were not able to reach. The method by which he will try to accomplish this task is unique, by using a balloon called the "Victoria".

Antigua, 1996, Mickey and Goofy in balloon

Central African Republic, 1979, Jules Verne

Chad, 1984, Five weeks on a Balloon

Congo, 1975, Five weeks on a Balloon

Cote dIvoire, 2005, Jules Verne, Balloons

France, 1982, Five weeks on the Baloon

France, 2005, Elephant and Baloon

Ghana, 2006, Jules Verne and hot-air balloons

Ghana, 2006, Airship LZ-129 Hindenburg (1937)

Grenada Grenadines, 1979, Elephant and Hot Air Balloon

Guinea, 1979, Balloon over Africa

Guinea Bissau, 1979, Jules Verne, boy

Liberia, 2005, Fantastic Voyages

Monaco, 1955, Five weeks in a Baloon

Nicaragua, 1978, Balloon and Elephant

San-Marino, 2005, Jules Verne

Sierra Leone, 2005, Jules Verne and hot air Balloon

St. Vincent, 2005, Hot air baloon

Tanzania, 2005, Five Weeks in a Balloon

Upper Volta, 1978, Jules Verne, balloon

Zaire / Congo, 2006, Jules Verne, balloon

France, 1978.09.23, Nantes. Jules Verne

France, 1982.11.20, Nantes. Jules Verne

France, 1986.05.14/15, Amiens. Festival of Jules Verne

France, 2005.05.28, Paris. Novels of Jules Verne

Switzerland, 1982.05.07, Yverdon-les-Bains. Jules Verne

France, 2005, Five weeks on a balloon

Hungary, 2005, Jules Verne


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