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The 500 Millions of the Begum
Les cinq cents millions de la Begum

Dr. François Sarrasin, a Frenchman, and a German named Professor Schultz are the sole heirs to a fortune of 525 million francs left by their mutual relative, a deceased Begum of India. With his half of the fortune, Dr. Sarrasin builds an ideal community called Frankville in the northwestern section of the United States. Professor Schultz uses his half of the money to construct his own city called Steeltown, where the main output of the city is weapons of destruction. Schultz's real intent with Steeltown is to see to the destruction of Frankville.

Liberia, 2005, Long Range Ballistic Missile

Monaco, 1955, The 500 Millions of the Begum

Monaco, 1978, Jules Verne and allegories

Panama, 1966, Jules Verne, gun

Panama, 1966, Jules Verne, gun


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