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A Jorney to the Centre of the Earth
Voyage au centre de la terre

The writings of Arne Saknussemm are translated by Professor Lidenbrock and with them he ascertains that they are directions that will lead him to the center of the Earth.

Antigua, 1996, Mickey, Donald and Goofy enterning cave

Antigua, 1996, Mickey and Donald on raft

Antigua, 2005, Films, based on the Verne's novels

Cote dIvoire, 2005, Jules Verne, cavern

Dominica, 2005, Jules Verne

France, 2005, Under the Earth

Lesotho, 2005, Novels of Jules Verne

Liberia, 2001, Dinosauras

Liberia, 2001, Stegosaur

Mali, 1975, A Jorney to the Centre of the Earth

Monaco, 1955, Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Nevis, 2005, Film, based on the Verne's novel

Nicaragua, 1978, Sea monsters

Palau, 2005, Novels of Jules Verne

San-Marino, 2005, Jules Verne

Zaire / Congo, 2006, Jules Verne, minerals

Nevis, 2005.06.17, Nevis. Jules Verne


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