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The Steam House
La maison vapeur

Nana Sahib is wanted for the atrocities he committed during the Sepoy revolt in India in 1857. Ten years later, an engineer named Banks invites Colonel Munro, Captain Hood, a Frenchman named Maucler and their associates to accompany him on a tour of the northern parts of India via a unique conveyance. The conveyance's engine resembles a huge elephant, only this elephant is powered by steam. As the adventurer's head north it becomes obvious to them that Colonel Munro (whose wife was reported killed at Cawnpore) has plans to for revenge. Unknown to him, Nana Sahib has similar intentions.

Gabon, 2005, Novels of Jules Verne

Monaco, 1955, La Maison A Vapeaur

St. Vincent, 2005, Tank

Tanzania, 2005, Novels of Jules Verne


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