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Bruna Dick
Miffy the Bunny

Bruna Dick (1927-2017)Miffy the Bunny Nijntje

Dick Bruna is a writer, artist and graphic designer. His best known creation then is Miffy, a little rabbit drawn in as few lines and as few colours as possible, and always accompanied by four lines of verse. Apart from other series of children's books in the vein of Miffy (which he wrote and drew), Dick Bruna has also illustrated and designed... More...

Netherlands, 1969, Child with flute

Netherlands, 1969, Child with Violin

Netherlands, 1969, Child with Drum

Netherlands, 1969, Three choristers

Netherlands, 1969, Two dancers

Netherlands, 1995, Children looking on stars

Netherlands, 1995, Children and stars

Netherlands, 2005, Miffy

Netherlands, 2010, Dick Bruna and Annie Schmidt

Netherlands, 1969.11.11, Gravenhage. Boy with horn

Netherlands, 1995.11.27, Haag. Girl with stamp

Netherlands, 2005.11.08, Haag. Rocket


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