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Chönz Selina
A Bell for Ursli

Chönz Selina (19102000)A Bell for UrsliSchellenursli

Selina Chonz was a poet from the Engadine valley in the Graubnden mountains of Switzerland. She wrote the text for several Alois Carigiet books, including A Bell for Ursli, Florina and the Wild Bird, and The Snowstorm.

A little boy named Ursli lives in the Swiss Alps, and he must find a big cowbell so that he can lead the spring procession through his village. He goes alone to his familys chalet high up in the mountains and, there, he spends a lonely, scary night.
Generations of Swiss children have grown up with the delightful story of Ursli, and now, for the first time, his adventures have become available in English.

Switzerland, 2007, A Bell for Ursli

Switzerland, 2007.09.06, Guarda. House of Ursli


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