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(Kirkegaard) Ole Lund

Frogeater Orla
Orla Frøsnapper

 (Kirkegaard)   Ole Lund (19401979)    Frogeater OrlaOrla Frøsnapper

Ole Lund Kirkegaard was a Danish writer of children's literature and youth literature. He mainly wrote about the interaction between adult and child. The main character in his books is usually an anti-hero.

One night he had been sitting and drinking in a pub, he was on his way home feeling sick and fell over in the snow, drunk. There he froze to death, almost 39 years old.

Ole Lund Kirkegaard published his book Frogeater Orla about the biggest bully in town, who teases small boys. Fortunately, small boys are sometimes smarter than big ones, so they often get one up on Orla.

Denmark, 2010, Orla Frogsnapper


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