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Lewis Clive Staples
The Chronicles of Narnia

Lewis Clive Staples (18981963)The Chronicles of Narnia

English author, b. Belfast, Ireland. A fellow and tutor of English at Magdalen College, Oxford, from 1925 to 1954, C. S. Lewis was noted equally for his literary scholarship and for his intellectual and witty expositions of Christian tenets. Among his most important works are The Allegory of Love (1936), an analysis of the literary evolution of... More...

Austria, 2005, Poster of Film The Chronicles of Narnia

Great Britain, 1998, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Great Britain, 2011, Aslan

Great Britain, 2011, White Witch

New Zealand, 2005, Lucy opening the Wardrobe

New Zealand, 2005, Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan in snowy forest

New Zealand, 2005, The White Witch tempting Edmund with Turkish delight

New Zealand, 2005, Stone statues

New Zealand, 2005, Lucy and body of Aslan

New Zealand, 2005, Film The Chronicles of Narnia

New Zealand, 2008, The Pevensie Children

New Zealand, 2008, Queen Susian

New Zealand, 2008, High King Peter

New Zealand, 2008, Prince Caspian

Austria, 2005.11.08, Vienna. Lion Aslan

Great Britain, 1998.07.21, Belfast. Lion

Great Britain, 1998.07.21, Oxford. C. S. Lewis

Great Britain, 2004.03.16, Garrison Enniskillen. Words of C. S. Lewis

New Zealand, 2005.12.01, Wanganui. Aslan

New Zealand, 2008.05.07, Wellington. Aslan

New Zealand, 2005, Lusy meets Mr. Tumnus

New Zealand, 2005, The Pevensie children

New Zealand, 2006, The White Witch in her carriage

New Zealand, 2006, Susan and Lucy in the castle courtyard

New Zealand, 2006, Peter riding a uniform into battle


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