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The Tale of the Golden Cockerel

The Golden Cockerel is a 1834 poem by Alexander Pushkin and an opera in three acts by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov to a Russian libretto by Vladimir Ivanovich Belsky based on that poem. First performance by the Zimin Opera at Solodovnikov Theatre in Moscow on September 24, 1909. Previously, the opera was commonly performed in French under the still... More...

Kyrgyzstan, 1999, Queen of Shamakhan and Dodon

Madagaskar, 1988, Rimski-Korsakov, the Golden Cockerel

Russia, 1994, Golden Cockerel

Russia, 1997, Golden Cockerel

USSR, 1969, The Golden Cockerel

USSR, 1982, The Golden Cockerel

Russia, 1994.01.20, Moskow. Tsaritsa of Shamakhn

Russia, 2001, 225th Anniv of Bolshoy theatre


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