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Chukovsky () Korney Ivanovich

Chukovsky () Korney Ivanovich  (18821969)

Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky is probably the most popular poet for children in the Russian language. His poems Doctor Aybolit, Giant Roach, Crocodile and Wash'em'clean have been favourites with many generations of Russophone children. He also was an influential literature critic and essayist. His real name was Nikolay Vasilyevich... More...

Russia, 1993, Wash'em'clean

Russia, 1993, Big Cockroach

Russia, 1993, The Buzzer Fly

Russia, 1993, Doctor Aybolit

Russia, 1993, Barmalei

USSR, 1982, Korney Chukovsky

Russia, 1993.02.25, Moskow. The Buzzer Fly and Crocodil

Russia, 2007.03.31, Moskow. 125th Birth Anniv of Korney Chukovsky

USSR, 1982.03.31, Moskow. Birth Centenary of Chukovsky

Russia, 2004, Actor Rolan Bikov, film Aybolit-66

Russia, 2007, 125th Birth Anniversary of Korney Chukovsky

USSR, 1960, Characters from children's book and pupil


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