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Afanasyev (Афанасьев) Alexander Nikolayevich

Afanasyev (Афанасьев) Alexander Nikolayevich(1826—1871)

Alexander Afanasyev was a Russian folklorist best known for his pioneering study and publication of Russian folktales. He recorded and published over 600 Russian folktales and fairytales, by far the largest folktale collection by any one man in the world. He is considered to be the Russian counterpart to the Brothers Grimm. His first collection... More...

Bulgaria, 1964, Grandfather's Glove

Marshall Islands, 2002, Fire Bird

Russia, 1998, Tsarevich Ivan on Grey Wolf

Ukraine, 2001, Animals inside glove

Ukraine, 2003, Straw Bull

USSR, 1961, The Fox, the Hare and the Cock

USSR, 1969, Vasilisa, the Beauty

USSR, 1969, Maria Morevna

USSR, 1969, Finist, the Fine Fellow

USSR, 1975, Vasilisa, the Beauty

USSR, 1984, Ivan the Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf

USSR, 1984, Ivan and the Firebird

USSR, 1984, Ivan on horse

USSR, 1984, Ivan and the Princess

USSR, 1984, Vasilisa, the Beauty

USSR, 1984, Knight on horse

USSR, 1984, Baba Yaga

USSR, 1984, Vasilisa and skulls

Ukraine, 2003.01.17, Kiev. Straw Bull

USSR, 1976.07.23, Boguchar. 150th Birth Anniv. of Afanasiev

Russia, 2001, Aleksander Afanasyev

USSR, 1965, The Fox and the Rooster

USSR, 1976, Aleksander Afanasiev

USSR, 1984, Fire-Bird

USSR, 1969.01.30, Ivan-Tsarevitch and plume of the Firebird

USSR, 1969.10.27, Ivan-Tsarevitch and plume of the Firebird

USSR, 1973.12.12, Ivan-Tsarevitch with the Firebird

USSR, 1987.06.04, The Fie Bird


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