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Lada Jozef

Lada Jozef (1887—1957)Tales

Josef Lada was born just outside Prague in 1887, in the tiny village of Hrusice. His father was a cobbler and the family were poor, and little Josef lost an eye when he fell out of his cradle and landed on one of his father's knives. But Lada seems to have had a happy childhood, and loved Christmas. Years later he recalled with relish the... More...

Bulgaria, 1983, Hasek and Schweik

Czech Republic, 1997, Good Soldier Schweik

Czech Republic, 1997, Lt. Lukas, Col. Zillergut and dog

Czech Republic, 1997, Good Soldier Schweik

Czech Republic, 2007, Christmas card

Czech Republic, 2008, Children in winter (J. Lada)

Czechoslovakia, 1970, Autumn 1955

Czechoslovakia, 1970, The Magic Horse

Czechoslovakia, 1970, The Water Demon

Czechoslovakia, 1970, Children in Winter, 1943

Czechoslovakia, 1970, Good Soldier Schweik

Czechoslovakia, 1987, Painting of Josef Lada

Bulgaria, 1983.04.20, Sofia. Good Soldier Schweik

Czech Republic, 1997.09.10, Prague. The Good Soldier Schweik

Czech Republic, 1998.09.02, Prague. Josef Lada

Czechoslovakia, 1970.04.21, Prague. Flower and apple

Czech Republic, 2001, Painting og Josef Lada

USSR, 1982, The Good Soldier Švejk

Czech Republic, 1998, Postman


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